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CoVid 19 Essential items

DFN has been a vital supplier to many companies requiring medical supplies since the start of the pandemic, we have been working with various procurement agencies to meet their required healthcare needs during this pandemic. Since the beginning we have been vital in providing various companies in the healthcare sector both in Singapore and Malaysia to supply the current demand. 3 key aspects that suppliers must meet are Credibility, Quality Certifications and Promptness of Delivery. Hence, we have fine tuned our processes to ensure you are only receiving the best of supplies and reliable services. Our products has been used to handle patients with the CoVid 19, medical staffs are well protected.

DFN ensures that all of our vendors are Credible, Veritas/ISO/FDA/CNAS approved (companies working with DFN are all accredited and having the proper certifications).

Our focus since the outbreak has been 3 key essential items.

These are OEM Products with International Medical Health  Certificates
1) Surgical Rubber Gloves
2) Surgical Medical Gown
3) Surgical Masks


However should you require further medical items we can still provide, do contact us for further information. We are still providing other items such as Proptapes, plasters, tablet bottles and many more.  


Shown below are some samples of our products and certifications. There are further relevant information pertaining to your specific products needs that will be provided upon request as we are not able to upload all details across 30-40 products here. Do contact Mr Dini further via +65 9751 8393 for further information regarding your inquiry and relevant photos/certifications will be provided pertaining to the item you wish to purchase.  

surgical rubber gloves

  • Powder Latex/Non-Powdered available
  • Smooth/Textured
  • Polymer Coated
  • Nitrile gloves available 
  • ISO/FDA/CE/etc approved 

Surgical MAsk

  •  2-ply/3-ply available
  • N95/KN95/disposable medical masks/ Reusable masks 
  • CNAS/ISO/FDA/CE etc approved as well


Surgical Medical Gown

  • Various types available (Disposable, Medical coverall tape seaming and various more available according to your needs)
  • Microporous Laminate Fabric
  • Cat III Type 3/4/5/6 Coverall
  • Two Way Zip With Adhesise Zip Flap
  • 3pcs Hood
  • Knitted Cuffs
  • Elasticated Hood, Back and Ankles
  • Anti-static & Non Linting

We are able to cater to your specific needs, inquire with us if you require instead N95 etc we are able to provide the types and requirements you need. Our products supplied by DFN are being used currently in the fight against this virus in various hospitals across Malaysia and Singapore. 



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