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Founded in 1998

Long story short

Our Philosophy Is To Provide Personalism and Professionalism
DFN represents our foremost philosophy in providing personal and professional services to our customer. We are capable to deliver what your organisation really requires. We specialise in the products and services that we potray. You can be assured of delivery.

In This Technological Age We Are The Frontliners 
In the technological age, individuals, companies, multi-nationals and nation states are all affected by the growing requirements to be knowledgeable and to have access to the most up-to-date technology available. In our growing IT idustry and the general market today, companies have been established to provide for these requirements. However, we take the lead to specialize in our field and utilizes our established network to deliver solutions. We are capable to service the multi-nationals companies, small and medium enterprises (SME) to meet their needs and concerns.

Our Markets Are The Fareast , Typically Asia Pacific 
DFN covers countries of Asia, also India and its sub-continent countries such as Pakistan, etc. It also covers the European territories, USA and the Middles East. Whether one is an individual customer, a small size company or big trading company, we are in the market to serve all. We provide the first-hand personal service that is often missing in the big companies and first-hand consultative and after-sales service that are often offered by the small dynamic set-ups ; DFN.

We Are Friendly Players 
DFN strives to be a friend and partner in the success of your business. We want to be your friend in helping you to fulfill your requirements. We want to be there to assist you and your organisation in the fulfillment and success of you and your organisation aspirations.

We have all the right tools, let us Help You

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